The body is the cure.

  • workshops for patients, caregivers, medical providers in hospital and clinical settings, retreat centers, conferences, dance studios, and offices

  • ​public speaking for patient advocacy groups, medical schools, clinical providers, public health institutions

Embodied medicine involves honoring the body as a source of mindfulness, wisdom, and deep healing. Through movement, meditation, and other exercises in primary sensory awareness, embodied medicine helps patients, caregivers, and medical providers explore, express and transform their inner landscape. There is a liberation and some degree of responsibility that goes along with conscious, freeform movement including making "decisions" about how to position the body in relationship with others and the space, how to move or be in stillness, how to follow the beat and tempo or not. There is healing that can happen as music enters not only the ears but touches the skin, enters the body. When people are dancing in the same space, they often spontaneously (consciously or not) begin to mirror each other's movements -- this can cultivate empathy and a sense of safety and being witnessed by another is a powerful gift. The Embodied Medicine philosophy is based on a deep recognition of the multidimensional nature of healing. This healing includes not only the physical, which dominates the current biomedical paradigm, but also the psycho-emotional, energetic, and spiritual growth that is possible when one feels safe and adequately resourced to explore opportunities for deep transformation and liberation from suffering.