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The body is the medicine.



online video series

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Welcome to the body... your body!

These one-minute video experiences aim to engage our bodies with joy, ease and curiosity. There are 30 short exercises linked to each moon phase. A moon cycle is 29.5 days so this is not an exact science! You can do the exercises at random, or perhaps start the 30-day cycle on the new moon–a beautiful time to set new intentions and welcome new patterns of being.

The right way to engage with these videos is the way that's right for you. Please respect your abilities, your needs, your desires and adapt each exercise -- you can sit, lie down, lean against a wall, or even be still and visualize the exercise in your mind inviting your body to light up from the inside. May we all find moments of calm, joy, curiosity, and connection with our body, our heart, each other, and the world beyond ourselves.

A bow of gratitude to my teachers Valerie Chafograck, Anna Halprin, Joseph Acquah; collaborators Ludovic Duchâteau and Hillary Goidell; as well as The Lloyd Symington Foundation and the Nike Foundation.  ❤️deb